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Things to do on the Isles of Scilly

Sporting and outdoor activities

For the first time, mainland-standard facilities are now available for a variety of sports at the Council-run Queen Elizabeth Sports Hall (opened 2012), based at Carn Gwaval on St Mary's. Sports on offer include badminton, tennis, five-a-side football, netball, cricket, and aikido.The fitness centre (gym) is also now located at Carn Gwaval. Contact them on (01720) 424373 for details of opening times, prices and so on, or visit

Swimming is available at Normandy Pool (now an indoor pool), contact the pool team on (01720) 423645 for details or visit

Horse-riding is available at a purpose built stable yard near Pelistry, (01720) 423855 or St Mary's Riding Centre. There is a nine hole golf course on St. Mary's which has wonderful views of all the other islands. Check out their website, or call them on (01720) 422692 for more information.

The main local spectator sport is gig racing.

Scilly's crystal clear waters and conditions make it ideal for sailing and windsurfing enthusiasts, and for diving and snorkelling. It is also good for fishing, whether from the shore or from boats.

Information about fishing on Scilly is also available here, but please be aware that this is archived information (site not currently updated).

Guided sea swimming trips and yoga lessons are offered by Adventure Scilly, (01720) 422513. Caneoing, climbing and abseiling tuition and trips are offered by qualified provider Murray Hodgson, Avalon, St Mary's (01720) 422641.

Scilly is a haven for birdwatchers, particularly in October when migratory birds visit the islands.

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