Latest vacancies and special offers on the Isles of Scilly



The Bell Rock Hotel are advertising a range of special offers in April and beyond, for further details see their special offers page.
  • St Agnes Lighthouse Lets have some 2018 vacancies in May, June and September. For further details, see their vacancies page.
  • Porthcressa Properties (three cottages, each sleeping 6) have some vacancies in May, June, September and October; see the availability page of their website for further details.
  • Little Avalon (sleeps 4) have 2018 vacancies from May onwards. For details visit their ScillyOnLine webpage.
  • Mount Todden cottage (sleeps up to 5) is in a great location out-of-town on St Mary's, and currently have a vacancies in May, July and October 2018; see their webpages for further information.
  • Top floor apartment (sleeps 2/3 - sofa bed in lounge) has some availability through 2018, for more information see their ScillyOnLine webpage, and call or email for vacancies and/or to book.
  • The Flat, Bell Rock Hotel (sleeps 2) is a self catering property set within the hotel itself. They have some vacancies in May and beyond; for more information see their webpage, and contact the Hotel on 01720 422575 or to book.

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